Ffion researched and wrote a blog post that hit 250,000 unique views – our most popular ever. It's had a huge impact, helping people to engage their audiences through storytelling. I still admire the way that she took the time to put together a uniquely considered and useful post. – Head of Communications, Sparkol

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This is one of the better articles I have found to date on different story structures that you can use when sharing your business stories. I love love love that Ffion tells when and why to use each structure. The information is a gold mine. I also like that it includes structures not typically discussed – yet are common and powerful. Go read the article. It's a gem! – Karen Dietz, Just Story It

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Got a link to this post in my email this morning and glad I did. Storytelling is essential for public speakers, and this article provides lots of options for structuring those stories. Excellent! – Dan Leyes, Consultant and Professor of Speech Communication

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