The storytelling series – Sparkol blog

I was tasked with creating bold new content for the blog of a software company. As their products centred around helping people express themselves, I delved into the world of speech and communication techniques.

My first extended series, on the subject of storytelling for business, gained over 750k organic hits in the first six months alone.

The interview series – CookiesHQ blog

As CookiesHQ’s target audience is comprised of young entrepreneurs, one of my first projects was to share knowledge and insight via an interview series with prominent figures in the Bristol tech community.

This content proved popular on social media, leading to an average 30% increase in engagement on Twitter and increased activity on Facebook and LinkedIn.



Excerpt from The Seven Pillars of Storytelling – Sparkol Books

Following the success of the storytelling series for Sparkol, I realised I could reach an even wider audience by combining my writing into this volume.

I helped design and format the end product, which went on to get over half a million downloads.


Excerpt from How to Nail Your Next Presentation – Sparkol Books

I then co-wrote a blog series for Sparkol on the subject of public speaking, which gained over 300k organic hits and was also turned into a popular ebook.

At the time this ebook was published, up to 70% of new customers were finding their way to the Sparkol website through my writing.

 Web copy and design


I worked as part of a multidisciplinary team for six months to update and streamline the Sparkol web portfolio.

My role was to wireframe and write copy for each web page, while ensuring the designs conformed to the new style and branding guidelines.


Both the Sparkol and VideoScribe websites were delivered ahead of time and user feedback was overwhelmingly favourable, with a marked improvement in conversions and time spent on both sites.

Instances of positive feedback for the help and legal pages jumped up 25% from the day of launch.


I joined the CookiesHQ team mid-project and immediately began evaluating the copy for the new company website, streamlining content and testing the page designs. I also produced style and tone of voice guides to improve consistency across the site.

The result is clearer, more direct messaging – with more improvements on the way.

Course listings

Course pages and content – University of the West of England

As Comms Officer, I oversaw a project to restructure and refresh over 200 pages on the university website. The project was delivered on time to coincide with the first scheduled open day of the year.

During this time I was also commissioned to create new marketing copy for use on those pages and in print, digital and social media channels. This helped lead to a record number of applications that year.

App store content

A key part of my role at Sparkol was to work with designers and developers to produce app store content and new release documentation for all our apps.

Continuous improvements were made to our marketing based on user feedback, contributing to increased sales with each new version release.